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Bay View Eco resort
fairfield manor condo mountainbreeze

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Altamont Court Hotel 1-5 Altamont Terrace New Kingston 929 5931
929 4497-8
Bar-B-Barn Norman Manley Blvd , Negril P.O 957-9619
Fairfield Manor Condo  Hatfield, Mandeville, Manchester 478-7802/320-6824 
Big Apple Hotel 18 Queens Dr. White Sands Beach P.O. Montego Bay

952 7240

Brandon Hill Guest House 28 Peter Pan Ave, MoBy 952-7054
Button Bay Beach Getaway Gladys Finlason, Button Bay, Treasure Beach. 815-9029/ 965-3873/ 997-7690
Casa Lagoona Hotel 2 Mount George Pen, Pamphret Yallahs, St. Thomas 703-5300
Casa Maria Hotel Castle Garden District Port Maria 725-0157
Catcha Falling Star Gardens West End Road Negril
Westmoreland, JA WI

Comfort Zone Bed & Breakfast

11 Willodale Close Ensome City 590-8563
El Greco Resort Montego Bay Jamaica 940-6116-20
Frenchman's Cove Resort
Gibb's Chateau Resort 54 Jarrett Terrace Mo-Bay 979-7861
Holiday Haven Condo Resort Main St. Runaway Bay, St. Ann 973-4893/6794
Hotel Tim Bamboo 5 Eveleigh Park Road Port Antonio 993-2049
Le' Antonio's Vacation Montego Bay Jamaica 952-0719
Mountain Breeze Hide-A-Way    
Norman's Court Accommodation 15 Humber Ave Mo-Bay 952-5126
Ocean Breeze Jamaica Southfield, St. Elizabeth 965-6000
Ocean Crest Guest House 7 Queens Street, Port Antonio 993-4024
Sea Crest Resort 2 Richmond Estate, Priory, St. Ann 972-1547/972-1594
Sunset Resort & Villas Calabash Bay, Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth 965-0143/ 852-5166
Treasure Beach Hotel 48 High Street Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth 965-0114


Appliance Traders Ltd    35 H W T Rd Kgn 5 926-3370
Associated Manufacturers Ltd   38 Beechwood Ave Kgn 5 926-1309/6449
Bogues Bros Inds Ltd   47½ Old Hope Rd Kgn 5 978-4310
Boss Furniture   112C Church St, Kgn 967-0739
Caribbean Producers JA Ltd   1 Guinep Way MBFp 979-8134
Celect Hotel Supplies   Central Commercial Building RoHl 953-3717
Cool Connection Ltd 12 Central Rd, Kgn 10 968-9032-3
Creative Industries Ltd 97 Mannings Hill Rd, Kgn 8 931-5949
E B S Hotel & Restaurant Supply Co   39 Beechwood Ave Kgn 5 926-4178
Island Bedding Furniture   Main St, Ducn 954-2980
Kimar Import -Export Ltd 35 Millsborough Cres Kgn 6 927-6306/978-9213
Lows Kitchen & Bath Home Expo Corp   77 Claude Clarke Ave MoBay 952-4393
Multimedia Jamaica Ltd 32 Lyndhurst Rd, Kgn 5 926-1100
Multimedia Jamaica Ltd   32 Lyndhurst Rd Kgn 5 926-1100
Perry’s MFG Co Ltd   82 Hagley Pk Rd Kgn 10 923-4810
Perry's Mfg Co Ltd 82 Hagley Pk Rd, Kgn 10 923-4810
Prestige Gifts & Lighting Ltd 91 August Twn Rd, Kgn 7 977-4187
Prestige Gifts & Lighting Ltd   2A Grove Rd Kgn 10 929-2981
Shirlhome Chemical Corp Ltd 78C Hagley Pk Rd, Kgn 10 923-8947
Therapedic Caribbean Co Ltd 68 Lady Musgrave Rd, Kgn 10 927-7307
Twenty First Century Restaurant & Hotel Supplies 33 Burlington Ave Kgn 10 920-7125
Wican Supply Ltd   Blue Diamond Shpng Cen RoHl 953-9084-5
Winchel Traders Co Ltd 1 Hendon Dr, Kgn 20 755-5555
Hotels –Resorts
Adventure Tours Jamaica Jump   39 Gloucester Ave MoBay 971-3859
Altamont Court Hotel   1 Altamont Terr Kgn 5 929-4497
Arizon Inn Ltd   Lot 8 Prt Henderson Rd Ptmr 939-3530/998-4666
Ashton Great House & Hotel   Luana Bkrv 965-2036
Atrium At Ironshore Hotel   Lot 1084 Morgan Rd RoHl 953-2605
B T’s Resort & Horseback Riding   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4744
Bar-B-Barn Hotel & Restaurant   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4267
Bath Fountain Hotel & Spa   Bath 703-4345/4154
Bay Shore Inn   27 Gloucester Ave MoBay 979-5087
Bay View Villas   Anchovy PtAn 993-3118
Beach House Villas   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4731
Beach View Apartments   39 Gloucester Ave MoBay 971-3859
Beachcomber Club   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4170/4171
Beaches Boscobel Resort & Golf Club   Oracabessa 975-7777/7913
Beaches Negril Resort & Spa   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-9270
Beaches Sandy Bay   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-5100
Big Apple Rooms   18 Queens Dr MoBay 952-7240/940-7516
Blue Cave Castle Hotel   West End Ngrl 957-4845
Blue Harbour Hotel   19 Sewell Ave MoBay 952-5445-6
Bluefields Hills Ltd   Bluefields Svlm 955-8081
Bluemah Palace   85 East Prospect Sub Div EPrp 982-6250
Bowden Bay Resort & Marina   Bowden PtMt 982-8389
Brandon Hill Guest House   28 Peter Pan Ave MoBay 952-7054
Breezes Montego Bay   Gloucester Ave MoBay 940-1150/5557
Breezes Runaway Bay   Main St, RnBy 973-6099
Bridge House Inn Ltd   14 Crane Rd  Bkrv 965-2361
Caves The   West End Ngrl 957-0269/640-2208-9
Chalet Caribe Hotel   Spring Gardens MoBay 952-1364
Charela Inn Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4648
Chariots Hotel   Leeds StCz 966-3860/2334
Chelsea Hotel & Amusement Centre   5 Chelsea Ave Kgn 10 926-5803
Chippewa Village & Buddah Groove   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4676
Chuckles Hotel   Negril 957-9152
Club Ambiance   Main St, RnBy 973-4705-6
Cocolapalm Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4227
Columbus Beach Cottages Ltd   Priory SaBy 972-2519
Comfort Guest House   Lot 55 Jarrett Terr MoBay 952-1238
Coral Clift Hotel & Entertainment Resort   Gloucester Ave MoBay 952-4130
Coral Seas Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-9226
Cotton Tree Place   West End Ngrl 957-4450
Country Country Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4273/4341
Countryside Hotel   Lot 60 Orchid Cl Grn1 601-3583
Couples Negril   Bloody Bay Ngrl 957-5960
Couples Ocho Rios   Tower Isle  975-4271
Couples Swept Away Negril   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4061/3258
Courtleigh Hotel & Suites   85 Knutsford Blvd Kgn 5 929-9000
Coyaba Beach Resort & Club   Lot 22 Mahoe Bay RoHl 953-9150-3
Crane Ridge Resort   17 Dacosta Dr, Ocho Rios 974-8051/795-2258
Crieffe Court Guest House   10 Crieffe Rd Kgn 6 927-8033
Crystal Waters Villas   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4284
Cuckoo Berry   West End Rd Ngrl 957-0016
Daniel Beach Village Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4394
Demontevin Lodge Hotel   21 Ft George St, PtAn 993-2604/715-5987             
Devine Destiny Hotel   West End Ngrl 957-9184/640-2884
Doctor’s Cave Beach Hotel   Gloucester Ave MoBay 952-4355
Dragon Bay Beach Hotel   Dragon Bay FrHl 993-8971/8751
Drum Ville Cove Resort   West End Ngrl 957-4369/0198
Econo Car Rentals Ltd   Caribbean Vill RnBy 973-7453
El Greco   Queens Dr, MoBay 940-6116/7666
Emerald Escape Beach Resort   Reading MoBay 952-6133
Emeraldview Resort Villa   Lot 261 Poinciana Dr, Gnwd 953-1967
Executive Inn   6 Queens Dr, MoBay 979-0359/0360
Fairhill Villas   Treasure Beach 965-3088
Falcon Cottages   West End Ngrl 957-4263/4921
Falcon Resort   14 Queens Dr, MoBay 979-7941
Falmouth Resort   22 Newton St, Flmo 954-3391
Fern Hill Club Hotel   Fern Hill San, San Drps 993-7374
Firefly Beach Cottages   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4358
Fisherman’s Point   Main St, Ocho Rios 974-5317
Forres Park   23 Liguanea Ave Kgn 6 927-8275
Franklyn D Resort   Main St, RnBy 973-4591-5
Frenchman’s   Cove Ltd   San, San Drps 993-7270/7403-6
Fun Holiday Beach Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-3585/9724
Gibb’s Chateau Resort   54 Jarrett Terr MoBay 952-7189/979-7861
Glenrock Hotel   3 Greenvale Rd Mdvl 961-3278/3279
Gloustershire Hotel   Gloucester Ave MoBay 952-4420/8298
Goblin Hill Villas At San, San    11 East Ave Kgn 10 925-8108/993-7443
Golden Sands Beach Cottage    Frenchman TrBh 965-0167
Golden Seas Beach Resort   Oracabessa 975-3251/3094
Golden Shore Beach Hotel   Lot 2888 Windward Dr, Lyssons MrBy 982-9657/734-0923-4
Golf View Hotel   5½ Caledonia Rd Mdvl 962-4477
Grand Lido Braco   Braco Rio Bueno 954-0000-19
Grand Lido Negril   Rutland Point Ngrl 957-5010-5
Half Moon Rose Hall   RoHl 953-2211
Harbour Way Hotel   1 Harbour St, MoBay 952-6560
Heart Beat Seaside Resort   West End Rd Ngrl 957-4329
Hedonism 11   Rutland Point Ngrl 957-5200/5074
Hedonism 111   Runaway Bay 973-4100/4911
Hibiscus Lodge   83 Main St, Ocho Rios 974-2676/2594
Hidden Paradise Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4404
Hilltop Hotel & conference Centre   Mdvl 523-2439
Hilltop Village Resort   Hermitage Rd 940-0122/0522
Hilton Kingston Jamaica   77 Knutsford Blvd Kgn 5 926-5430
Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort   Rose Hall 953-2484-9
Hope Garden Cottage   West End Ngrl 957-4157
Hotel Casablanca    2-4 Prt Henderson Rd Ptmr 939-6999/6750
Hotel Commingle Ltd   7 Hudson St, Svlm 918-1011/1465
Hotel Four Seasons   18 Ruthven Rd Kgn 10 929-7655/926-8805
Hotel Gloriana   1 Sunset Blvd MoBay 979-0669/940-2297
Hotel Mocking Bird Hill   Mocking Bird Hill PtAn 993-7267/7134
Hotel Montego   Federal Ave MoBay 952-3287/940-6009
Hotel Tim Bamboo   5 Eveleigh Pk Rd PtAn 993-2049
Hotel Versalles Ltd    42 Longbridge Ave MyPn 986-2775/2776
Hotel Villa Bella    Christiana 964-2243
Idle Awhile   Long Bay Ngrl 957-3302/9566
Indies Hotel   5 Holborn Rd Kgn 10 926-2952
Inez Bogues Hotel   Lot 2 Prt Henderson Rd Ptmr 998-6804
Invercauld Hotel Ltd   66 High St, Bkrv 965-2750
Jakes Hotels & Villas   Calabash Bay 965-3000
Jamaica Grandiosa Resort   3 Ramparts Cl MoBay 979-3205
Jamaica Heights Resort Ltd   1 Morris Ave PtAn 993-3563
Jamaica Inn   Main St, Ocho Rios 974-2514
Jamaica Palace Hotel   9Drapers PtAn 993-7720-1
Jamaica Pegasus Hotel The   81 Knutsford Blvd Kgn 5 926-3690
Jamaica Resorts & Hotels   Freeport MoBay 979-8661
Jamaica Tamboo Villa   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4282
Jewels Intl Resorts Ltd   Lot 3 Prt Henderson Rd Ptmr 988-6785
Kariba, Kariba   Winston Jones High Way Mdvl 962-8006
King Led’s Palace Hostel   4 Anderson Dr, MyPn 986-4527
Knutsford Court Hotel Ltd   11 Ruthven Rd Kgn 10 929-1000
Kuyaba Negril   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4318
Legends Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-3834/4313
Leighton House 7 Leighton Rd, Kgn 5 754-0504/1466
Little Shaw Park Guest House   21 Shaw Pk Rd Ocho Rios 974-2177
Lost Beach Resort   Broughton Rd LtLn 640-1111/1006-7
Mandeville Hotel 1986 Ltd   4 Hotel St, Mdvl 962-2460
Marine View Hotel   9 James Ave Ocho Rios 974-5753/6953
Marine Villas   6 James Ave Ocho Rios 974-2822
Mariner’s Inn   West End Ngrl 957-0392
Mariner’s Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4220
Mariposa Hide Away   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4918
Match Resort   30 Dolphin Bay PtAn 993-9629
Mayfair Hotel   4 West Kings House Cl Kgn 10 926-1610
Medallion Hall Hotel   53 Hope Rd Kgn 6 927-5721
Merrils Beach Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4751/4718
Milk River Hotel & spa   Milk River MyPn 902-4657/6902
Montego Beach Resort   Gloucester Ave MoBay 952-4340-4
Montego Place   1 Kent Ave MoBay 940-0432/952-0803
Moonlight Villa   West End Rd Ngrl 957-4838
Moonrise Villas   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4344
Morgan’s Harbour Hotel   Port Royal Kgn 1 967-8075
Negril Beach Club Condos   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4323/9617
Negril Beach Condominiums Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4996/9940
Negril Gardens Beach Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4408/4484
Negril Inn Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4209
Negril Palm Beach Hotel   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4657
Negril Rainbow Arch   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4745
Negril Tree House Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4287/3501-2
Norman's Court Accommodation 15 Humber Ave Mo-Bay 952-5126
Northern Caribbean Resort   Manchester Rd, Mdvl 962-2204
Ocean Crest Villa   Lot 358 Montrose Cres RoHl 953-3721
Ocean Edge Resorts   West End Rd, Ngrl 957-4362
Ocean Sands Resort Ltd   14 James Ave Ocho Rios 974-2605
Olympia Crown Hotel The   53 Molynes Rd Kgn 10 923-5269
Orchard Great House Ltd   Strathbogie Rd, Svlm 955-2737/918-0146
Our Past Time Villas Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-5422
P J’s Cottages   West End Ngrl 957-4437
Palm Bay Guest House & Restaurant   Lot 14 Bogue Hgts MoBay 952-1795/2274
Palm Beach Hotel   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4218
Paradise Inn   Snow Hill 993-5169
Paradise View Hotel Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4375/4660
Pebbles Resort   Falmouth 617-2500-4
Pier View Vacation Apartments   19 Main St, Ocho Rios 974-2607/1384
Piper’s Cove Resort   Salem RnBy 973-7156/4682
Platinum Hotel   Gimme-Me-Bit Race 987-5876/5887
Point  Village Resort   Rutland Point Ngrl 957-5170-9
Rayon Hotel Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-9166
Relax Resort   26 Hobbs Ave MoBay 979-0656
Richmond Hill Inn   Union St, MoBay 952-3859
Rio Vista Resort Villas  9Snow Hill 993-5444
Ritz Carlton Golf & Spa Resort   1 Ritz Carlton Dr, RoHl 953-2800
Riu Negril Club Hotel   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-5700
Riu Tropical Bay Hotel   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-5900
Robin’s Bay Village & Beach Resort   Robins Bay St. Mary 361-2144/2188
Rock Clift Hotel   West End Rd, Ngrl 957-4331
Rondel Village Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4413/4651
Rooms On The Beach   Ocho Rios 974-6632/516-1400
Rose Garden Hotel   Mammee Bay 972-2825/1790
Rose Hall Hotel & Villas   Round Hill Bluff MoBay 956-7050-5
Royal DeCameron Club Caribbean   Main St, RnBy 973-4675/4802
Royal Plantation   Main St, Ocho Rios 974-5601-2
Runaway Bay Heart Hotel & Training Institute   RnBy 973-6671-4
Sahara De La Mer Resorts   Pimento Cove MoBay 952-2366
Sahara Hotels Ltd   Unity Hall MoBay 605-9480/9481
Salem Resort   Main St, Salem RnBy 973-4256
Samsara Hotel  9West End Rd, Ngrl 957-4395
Sand Hurst   70 Sandhurst Cres Kgn 6 9278244/7239
Sandals Dunn’s River Golf Resort & Spa   Mammee Bay SaBy 972-0563/1610
Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach & Villa Resort   Main St, Ocho 974-5691/1027
Sandals Inn   Kent Ave MoBay 952-4140/9395
Sandals Montego Bay   Kent Ave MoBay 952-5510/979-3132
Sandals Negril Beach Resort & Spa   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-5216-7
Sandals Resorts Intl Ltd   Kent Ave MoBay 979-9130
Sandals Royal Caribbean   Mahoe Bay RoHl 953-2231/9585
Sandals Whitehouse European Village & Spa   Whitehouse 640-3000/3002
Sandcastle Resorts Ltd   Main St, Ocho Rios 974-5626/2255-6
Sans Souci Resort & Spa   White River Ocho Rios 994-1353/1206
Sea Horse Rider Inn   17 Prt Henderson Rd, Ptmr 704-6245/6246-7
Sea -Riv Beach Resort   Duff House Mdvl 962-7265
Sea Splash Resort   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4041
Seacrest Beach Hotel   Priory SaBy 972-1594/1547
Seascape Hotel   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-3489/3490
Seastar Inn   West End Rd, Ngrl 957-3489/3490
Secret Paradise Resort Ltd   West End Rd, Ngrl 957-4882
See Me No More Ltd   Drapers 993-7777
Seville Manor   84 Main St, Ocho Rios 795-2900
Seville Villas Guest House & Apartments   Sunset Ave MoBay 952-2814
Shaw Park Beach Hotel   Cutlass Bay Ocho Rios 974-2552-4
Sheilds Negril Villas Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-3112
Shirley Retreat Hotel   7 Maeven Ave Kgn 10 927-9208
Silver Creek Resort Ltd   Tripoli Rd, Runaway Bay 973-4949
Silver Seas Hotel   66 James Ave Ocho Rios 974-2755/5005
Sober Robin Inn   Duncans, Trelawny 954-2202
Spanish Treasure Hotel   Thompson Pen Spanish Town 984-2474
Springburn House   1 Springburn Ave Kgn 19 969-6850
Starfish Trelawny   Duncans, Trelawny 954-2450/2451
Strawberry Hill Hotel & Spa   Irish Twn 944-8400
Summer Wind   West End Rd, Negril 957-0722
Summerset Village Ltd   West End Rd, Negril 957-4409
Sunny Side Hotel   18 Ft George St, PtAn 993-9788
Sunrise Club Hotel Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4293/3300
Sunset At The Palms Resort & Spa   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-5350
Sunset Beach Resort & Spa   Freeport MoBay 979-8800/8039
Sunset Resort   Treasure Beach St. Elizabeth 965-0143
Super fair Ltd   5½ Caledonia Rd Mdvl 962-4477/6251710
Tamarind Tree Resort   Runaway Bay 973-5940/4819
Tensing Pen Ltd   Lighthouse Rd, Negril 957-0387/0863
Terra Nova All Suite Hotel   17 Waterloo Rd Kgn 10 926-2211
Thrills Hotel   West End Ngrl 957-4390/4152
Tigress 11   West End Ngrl 957-4249
Toby’s Resorts   1 Kent Ave Morant Bay 952-4370/6591
Tower Cloisters Resort Condominiums   Fifth Ave Towr 975-4763
Travellers Beach Resort Ltd   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-3039/9308
Treasure Beach Hotel   Frenchman Treasure Beach 965-0110-4
Trident Villas & Hotel   Anchovy Port Antonio 993-2602
Tropics View Inn   Wardville Hatfield Mdvl 625-2452
Tryall Club The   Sandy Bay 956-5660-7
Turtle Resort Ltd   Turtle Towers Ocho Rios 974-4344
Verney House Hotel   3 Leader Ave MoBay 952-2875/8628
Villa Bella Hotel   Lot 299 Charles Ave RoHl 953-8530
Villa La Cage   West End Rd Negril 957-4114
Villa Sonate   18 Mary Sunley Cres Runaway Bay 973-5944/6115
Village Hotel The   54 Main St, Ocho Rios 974-9193
Waterloo Guest House   44 High St, Black River 965-2278/2458
West Palm Hotel   Ft Charlotte St, Lucea 956-2321
Westender Inn   Lighthouse Rd Negril 957-4991
Wexford Court Hotel   Gloucester Ave MoBay 952-2854/971-0226
Whispering Bamboo Cove Resorts Ltd   105 Crystal Dr, Retreat Morant Bay 982-2912/1788
Whistling Bird   Norman Manley Blvd Negril 957-4403
White Sands Villas & Apartments   Norman Manley Blvd Negril 957-4291
Whitfield Hall Hostel & Farm 8 Armon Jones Cres Kgn 6 927-0986
Wyndham Rose Hall Resort & Country Club   Rose Hall Montego Bay 953-2650
Yellow Bird  Sea-Tel   Norman Manley Blvd Ngrl 957-4252/3692
Hotel Representatives
Great Vacations Ltd Suite 10 30 Dominica Dr, Kgn 5 929-6290
Sunshine Holidays The Spanish Court Kgn 5 926-8652/6806


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