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Funeral Directors
Braithwaite Funeral Home Ltd. 119 & 123 West Street (corner of Charles St.) Kgn. 922-6220/ 922-6796
Fax: 948-8725
Brite Angels Funeral service Ballard's Valley Plaza Top Hill St. Elizabeth 965-8249/450-4257/839-0063
Brown's Funeral Home Morant Bay St. Thomas Above Paul Bogle High 982-2636 Cell: 578-5984, 381-4721, 423-5675
Funeral Supplies 19 Murray Ave Morant Bay St. T 982-2564
Doyley's Funeral Parlour   135 Dalling St. Svlm 955-2501/918-0670
Empathy Funeral Home and Chapel Lot 55 West Trade Way, Portmore 704-0759/ 875-2018
Exodus Funeral Service Crab Hall, Main Street, Annotto Bay 845-3528/ 299-6743
Hessies Funeral Service 28 Giltress Street, Rollinton Town, Kingston 2 Shop #9 484-3672 /459-9202 /630-0237
House of Eden Funeral Home Knollis, Bog Walk/ Main, St. Lucea 435-6276/ 851-9164
House Of Comfort Funeral Parlour  Ltd Shop 2 Lot 20 Leaders Plaza 625-6910
Meadowrest Memorial Gardens 12 Carlton Cres Kgn 10 960-2961-2
Perry's Funeral Arrangements & Supplies 180 Brunswick Avenue
Walks Road Spanish Town
454-5979, 454-5912, 348-8219
Rest Haven Funeral Home  
21 Victoria Ave Kgn 16 St. Catherine
St. Thomas
Rock of Ages Headstones   904-3098/842-9377
Sam Isaacs & Son Funeral Home Ltd. 44 Hanover Street, Kingston 922-2896/ 6768
F.A. Williams & Sons Funeral Home   1 Rosemary Ave, MrBy 982-2508
St. Georges Funeral Home St. Georges St, Buff Bay, Portland 913-6450 8413117
St. Georges Funeral Home West Street, Port Antonio, Portland 715-4058
Brown's Funeral Home Ltd. 51-55 North Street 922-2788/416-2759/284-3030
Anthony Brown Funeral Home 17 Milford Road, Ocho Rios 974-2071/6135


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